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Your Full Services Auditing & Accounting Firm


Founded in 1995 by Robert Moreno, Jean Charles Rouby and Claude Radat, we are an accounting and consulting firm with great experience working for national and international clients.

Situated in the heart of Paris, Moreno Rouby et Associés has grown today to become a team of 22 professionals, formed at the best schools in France and current in at least one more language other than French.

We work to provide you with innovative and efficient solutions, tailored made for our clients, and keeping in mind the goal is always to meet our clients’ financial goals. Our range of services, of internal and external resources, are thought to assist both big international groups and small and medium companies who start up in France. For this, we believe in working close to our clients and their advisors and are committed to use all the means in hand to make their business’ develop and achieve higher levels if success in today’s increasingly competitive global economy.

In short, our philosophy is to be straightforward, timely and above all available and flexible to our clients needs.

To capitalize our clients trust in the international scenery we have worked hard to create a network of firms throughout the European and American continent. We team up as independent firms, with a solid background and long experience, and with the same common approach when it comes to the relationship with our clients. We intend to have our clients always in good hands, whether it is in France or abroad.

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